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Wasatch SoftRIP

Wasatch SoftRIP is sophisticated RIP software made easy. With simple setup, intuitive workflow, and powerful print controls, SoftRIP saves you time and money while producing excellent quality colour. With SoftRIP, you don’t need to be an expert to print like one. No matter how large or complex your production environment, SoftRIP has the tools you […]

Roland DX4 Captop – R-C-1000004546

This part is the Original Roland DX4 Captop.  Sold as individuals these caps can be replaced by removing the plastic casing and lifting off of the 2 supporting springs.  Captops should be changed as part of a yearly service (The time scale of this is dependent on the use of the machine)

Colorific Foam Tip Swabs Pk of 50

Colorific Foam Tips swabs (Pk of 50) are a high quality cleaning instrument.  The superb quality compared to other foam tip swabs ensures no flaking of material and also helps to prevent damage to the Printhead.  Please note not to rub the printhead surface, this could cause damage and effect print quality.

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