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Many of our customers are trading up to new Roland systems equipped with Lightbar UV Light ink technology.  As a result, we now have a number of pre-owned Roland printers and printer/cutters available for sale at prices that represent unbeatable value for money. Every system in our APPROVED Used Equipment range receives a comrehensive engineer […]

CSL appoint Sabur as Lightbar authorised Lightbar Dealer

CSL (Colorific Solutions Ltd) is proud to appoint Sabur Ink Systems Ltd as an authorised Lightbar Dealer. Shaun Holdom, Business Development Director, says: “We are very pleased to welcome Sabur on board. The experience and service that they offer to all of their clients is highly regarded and, as a brand with a unique technology […]

Lightbar has been our greatest purchase.

Vital Concept Ltd has been running for 8 years, Ravi Patel Managing Director says. “We started out as a print buyer and soon brought it in house. We have a large variety of customers from start-ups to medium businesses so our large format requirements vary quite a bit. In the last 6 months we have […]

Colorific Lightbar UV640Plus

Based on a Roland RF640 chassis, Colorific’s UV Light inks are the star turn in the latest print only engine, which offers the vivid colours expected from solvent with the resistance and durability associated with UV-curable options. Crucially, outgassing is eliminated, meaning that output is immediately dry and ready for application, providing distinct time advantages […]

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