What is it?

It’s a conversion kit that lets wide-format eco-solvent inkjet printers run a solvent-UV (SUV) hybrid ink called UV Light. It can be used on new and old printers. This ink cures almost instantly on self-adhesive vinyl and other plastic media. There is no outgassing after curing, so it is immediately available for post processing.

Colorific managing director Nick Wintle said that the hybrid ink contains much less solvent than an eco-solvent type. “There is less to evaporate so less ink is needed to print the same density, with savings of up to 30% per square metre compared to traditional counterparts,” he explained.

5a6d3545-0ba3-46d0-9531-bb687e04d158 There are two other SUV printers on the market, from Fujifilm and Mimaki. Both are purpose-built, in a choice of two widths. Click Here to Read More

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