Colorific Lighbar – Roller

Don’t let your solvent printer fade into the background!

Now you can give it a new lease of profitable life with a Colorific Lightbar UV conversion. The Colorific Lightbar Roller turns your solvent printer into a state-of-the-art UV print system, for just a fraction of the cost of buying a complete UV printer.

The Colorific Lightbar Roller has been specifically designed and adapted for use Mimaki and Mutoh 54″ and 64″ digital printers utilising the Epson DX4 and DX5 printhead technology, thus offering this next generation technology to a wider audience. The Roll up system is a stand alone unit which simply rolls up in front of the printer and as the printed media is fed from the machine it pass through the Lightbar bar roller and comes out completely cured and ready application. There is no external modification to your existing printer, other than a simple ink flush and the installation of the Colorific UV light inks. 

Some of the key benefits for the latest ink technology are; Viable cost-effective alternative to Latex, Vivid colour with a durable high-gloss finish and reduced ink costs, its instant drying nature with no gassing off required enables production to cut down on lead times by up to 24 hours increasing productivity.

Printer Compatibility: Mutoh Valuejet – Mutoh Blizzard – Mimaki Jv3 – Mimaki JV33 – Mimaki JV5

Colorific UV-Light is a next-generation ink technology that combines the benefits of Eco-Solvent inks with the benefits of UV-Curable inks. UV-Light is available as a rapid and cost-effective upgrade for most existing solvent printer platforms. The time is right for UV-Light.