GR Cutters 290

CAMM 1 GR Series

The CAMM-1 GR Cutter Series boasts the fastest throughput in its class.  Delivering up to 1,485mm per second, it’s optimised cutting carriage drive system boosts productivity even further by minimising the vertical distance the blade has to travel.  The GR Series delivers precision results.  Even when operating at high speed.  Designed for both strength and stability, the powerful new cutting carriage and blade holder deliver up to 600g of downforce.  The new L-shaped design of the integrated machine and stand provides maximum stability to ensure an outstanding quality finish.

GR Series Brochure

GR Cutter Series brochure
Materials CTA

Product Description

For improved tracking and smooth media feeding without feed marks, the GR Series has electronic pinch rollers that have up to 10 pressure settings to handle even the most challenging of media including soft flock materials, thin window tint and thick reflectives.

With its impressive cutting power and variable pinch roller pressure, the GR Series is compatible with a huge range of media. Cut sign vinyl, reflective film, sandblast masking, window tint, flock, foil, laminated graphics and much more. Plus, cut and crease cardboard for realistic packaging prototypes. The GR Series is certainly up for the challenge.

GR Specs 1

GR Specs 2

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