Large Damper 291

Damper / DX4 – large

Large Damper – Roland / Mimaki – With Adaptor DX4 [R-C-EB-SP8015]

Sold individually, this high quality, solvent resistant damper has a large internal mesh filter and  fits a range of wide format printers, including Roland, Mimaki and Uniform.  This damper is designed to improve printer performance and prevent ink starvation in high speed mode. The part includes a superior quality o-ring on the outlet side to ensure proper sealing between the damper and the printhead.

Materials CTA

Product Description

High Quality Damper: Superior o-ring on the outlet side to ensure proper sealing
Removable Adaptor : The adapter tube can be removed and this product can then be used as R-C-EB-SP8014 (Large Damper without adapter 3mm)

Printer compatibility:
// Mutoh ValueJet 1604 / 1604W // Mimaki JV3-160SP / JV3-250S // Roland RS-540 / RS-640 / XC-540 / VP-300 / VP-540 / SJ-1000 / SJ-1045ex / SJ-645ex / SJ-745ex / SC-545ex / XJ-540 / XJ-640 / XJ-740 / LEC-300 / LEC-540 / LEJ-640 / RS-540 / RS-640 // Asbru Saga 1600 //

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