Golfball print jig
UV print golfballsLEF 20 with samplesLEF print samples

Golfball print jig

LEF Blankboard Print position jig
for Roland versaUV LEF 20
(LEF 300 and LEF 12 also available)
Golfball branding

Materials CTA

Product Description

LEF Blankboard jigs are precision engineered to provide accurate print registration for flatbed digital printers involved in product personalisation and mass customisation applications, such as promotional merchandising and phone case printing.  LEF Blankboards are manufactured from 19mm thick, advanced resin board to produce a dynamically stable, high quality jig designed not to warp, buckle or deform over time.  Every LEF Blankboard is supplied complete with its corrosponding digital print outline template.

In addition to the many popular LEF Blankboard jigs available from stock, custom designed and manufactured Blankboards are available to order.  Please contact us for further details and pricing.

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