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The Workstation flat table applicator enables fast and accurate dry application of both digital print and applied vinyl graphics to any substrate up to 50mm in thickness. The silicone roller ensures perfect application pressure and the highest possible quality.  Easy to use, the Workstation is designed to allow single user operation and dramatically reduces application time, making it entirely practical to mount in excess of 240 square metres per hour. A job that used to take 1 hour can now take 10 mins, making this a very powerful tool to own.

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Product Description

The Workstation has low level LED lighting set below the toughened glass bed. This provides a perfect clean and flat working area that can have registration marks or guides applied for repeat jobs.  The bridge glides across the table requiring very little effort due to the balanced high quality linear bearings set in precision guides. The operation is smooth and effortless. The bridge supports the silicone roller, which is 130 mm in diameter. The roller is lowered into ‘work’ position by compressed air by a single button system located on both sides of the machine. The air compressor included with the Workstation is both compact and silent.

The Workstation range offers a wide range of bed sizes:

213 – 2500mm x 1350 mm
315 – 3200mm x 1550mm
417 – 4200mm x 1700mm

The Workstation range comes as standard with:

Height operation from 0-50mm
10mm tempered glass top
Full LED illumination
Temperature controlled roller
Pneumatic height position and pressure control
Silent compressor
1 year on-site warranty

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