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Wide Format Roll Laminators

The 1600hs wide format hot and cold laminator with single feed is designed for simplicity, effeciency and affordability.  With a 1600hs laminator in your workshop, you can mount prints to rigid and flexible materials, e.g.3mm foam PVC or 440mic PVC.  You can apply cold laminate, e.g. to posters, paper prints, self adhesive vinyl, banner stand graphics. You can use hot laminate, e.g. to pop up drops, exhibition graphics and apply application tape for cut vinyl lettering and graphics.

1600hs Brochure

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Product Description

The 1600hs laminator is fitted with a foot pedal for operation of the rollers on the slowest setting. This gives you full use of both hands when starting/finishing a job run. The machine is also fitted with a Magic Eye safety system to stop the rollers if the infrared liGHT beam is broken at the front of the machine. This prevents fingers being trapped in the rollers during use.


Hi-capacity laminator with heat assisted roller up to 90 degrees C
Max. material width: 1600mm (64″)
Mount to materials up to 30mm in thickness
Speed – upto 6.2m/min

Self locking roll shafts save time when changing materials. No tools are required – unlike some machines which may use locking rings or pivoting shafts and require more space around the machine to load/unload materials.  The 1600hs roll shafts can be used anywhere on the machine in both directions.

Main Rollers:
2x 130mm diameter with grey silicone finish
Max. working width: 1620mm
Max. material width: 1600mm
Adjustable pass through speed: 0.1m -7m/min

Heating system:
Internal Infrared heating system (top roller only)
Max. Temp: 90 degrees C
Warm up time: 5 minutes

1600hs features included as standard:
Upper roller lift and lower system. Air driven through silent air compressor
4 self-locking shafts
8L silent air compressor
Tool kit

1600hs Specifications:
Voltage: 110v/220v 50-60hz
Current: 8A/230V or 16A/110v
Max. power: 2500w
Dimensions of 1600hs: 2060mm x 720mm x 1430mm (WxDxH)
Net Weight: 210kg
1 year on-site warranty

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