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Colorific Pro VJ (eco-sol)

Colorific ProVJ Inks are designed to be an easy conversion for users of Mutoh large format digital printers currently using Mutoh Eco-Ultra inks.A major advantage to potential users of Colorific ProVJ Ink is the OEM colour match feature. By matching the colours in this way, Colorific ProVJ Ink enables the printer to utilise the existing OEM colour profiles.

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Colorific ProVJ Inks provide the same colour gamut as OEM inks while using OEM colour profiles, completely avoiding the need for potentially expensive colour management. The straight forward ‘plug and play’ change over procedure facilitates seamless conversion to our high quality, reliable alternative ink.

Supplied in 440ml cartridges and bulk ink, catering to the needs of OEM cartridge users and third party bulk feed users alike.Reliability meets or exceeds that provided by the original OEM ink, whilst extensive independent testing has proven Colorific ProVJ Inks to be less problematic than other commonly available third party manufacturers cartridge and bulk ink systems.

Colorific ProVJ Inks are compatible with all Mutoh printers that use OEM Eco-Ultra inks…

Mutoh ValueJet 1304
Mutoh ValueJet 1614
Mutoh ValueJet 1324
Mutoh ValueJet 1624
Mutoh ValueJet 1638
Mutoh Blizzard
Mutoh Rockhopper 3 Extreme
Mutoh Spitfire100 Extreme

Mutoh printers not currently using Mutoh Eco-Ultra inks can be converted, but will need
flushing, please contact us for additional information and assistance.

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