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Texart XT-640

Developed specifically for dye sublimation transfer printing, the Texart XT-640 delivers outstanding productivity, exceptional print quality and renowned reliability, thanks to its exclusive printing technology. Maximise the strength and style of your output across a wide range of applications including sportswear, fashion, soft signage, interior decoration, promotional merchandise and much more.  The XT-640 is available in two Texart ink configurations: with 4 colours (dual CMYK) or 8 colours (CMYKLcLm + Orange + Violet).

XT-640 Brochure

Texart XT-640 brochure
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With its rugged construction and dual print heads in a staggered formation, the Texart XT-640 is built to meet demanding production requirements, delivering print speeds up to 63m2/hr. The XT-640 offers stability, stunning print quality and superb high-speed performance. To capture every gradation and detail, each head fires precise droplets in up to seven different sizes to accommodate media characteristics and desired print quality.

• 64” wide sublimation printer
• Print speed of up to 63m2/h
• Uses Roland’s Texart ink including Orange and Violet, to deliver bold and vivid colours and intense rich Blacks
• Available in 4-colour (dual CMYK) or 8 colour (CMYKLcLmOrVi) ink configurations
• Roland pouch Ink System ensures stable printing with 1 litre ‘clean hands’ airtight ink pouches
• Roland’s proprietary Ink Switching System enables continuous unattended printing in 4 colour configuration
• Feed Adjuster provides even tensioning and prevents media skewing
• ErgoSoft Roland Edition, with a full range of textile-specific features
• Automated take-up system for unattended printing included in the price
• Includes a one year RolandCare Silver warranty for ultimate peace of mind

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