RENT2PRINT15At CSL Digital, we understand that the outright purchase of a new wide format printer is not always possible or necessary for some businesses and organisations. That’s why we offer customers a unique range of RENT2PRINToptions in addition to our conventional wide format printer purchasing solutions.

RENT2PRINT short, medium and long term rental options offer commercial businesses, educational establishments and home-based entrepreneurs quick and easy access to the latest professional wide format digital printing, cutting and finishing technologies. We also supply a wide range of inks, materials and print accessories. Our engineers will deliver, install and provide comprehensive training onsite with every type of rental. Our expert advice is only ever a phone call away throughout the entire term of the rental agreement.

Our RENT2PRINT options provide ideal print solutions for …

  • New business start-up enterprises

Access professional printers and products without having to make significant financial commitments in the early days of the business venture.

  • New projects or opportunities to diversify

Experience the benefits of an in-house printing solution or test the suitability of a particular print technology on a short term basis. Our popular Lightbar unit rental is a perfect example of this as it gives customers the opportunity to evaluate the benefits of using UV Light ink technology with their existing wide format printers.

  • Peak production periods in the working calendar

Relieve production bottlenecks with an additional printer at your busiest times of the year (e.g. exhibition season or the build-up to Christmas)

  • Recovery strategies in the event of an emergency

Recover from emergencies like breakdowns, floods or without any expensive production delays that can lead to loss of business.

Click on the RENT2PRINT link below to view current printer rental options, alternatively, contact us for a tailored rental solution for your business.