Colorific come to the rescue of Signtec Ltd

Signtec Ltd, founded in 1999 starting in a garage in Chelmsford, has become a leading sign maker throughout East Anglia. Offering the latest in high impact printing on a wide variety of materials together with the more traditional sign manufacturing methods, Signtec have over 50 years experience in the industry
and now operate from their 1800sq feet studios.

Running both an Agfa Anapurna 1600 and a Roland Pro II SC540 they have a reputation for both the quality and fitting of their work, with vehicle graphics remaining the main core of their business. Signtec also offer services for Point of sales, large format pictures, banners and large order advertising and now have a large, loyal client base across the region.

Purchased as a second hand machine the Roland is mainly used for vehicle graphics as well as general print and cut. Not long after install it started to develop problems with the Light Cyan and Light Magenta heads dripping ink as well as alignment issues with the heads and capping. On returning to the place of purchase they
were informed there was no issue with the machine but with the Colorific ink they were using.

Peter explains “We had a few issues with the printer which we bought second hand. Colorific identified and rectified the problem immediately”

To Fix the problem the faulty dampers and electronically damaged head were replaced, with all the alignments carried out. Justin Atkinson from Colorific explains “On the first glance of a problem it is always easier to blame the ink. In this instance the problems had been apparent previous to the Colorific inks being installed. It was clear to see on this one Peter was stuck between a rock and a hard place and as a valued customer we decided to offer a solution to get him up and running as soon as possible.

On the quality of the Colorific inks Peter adds “I honestly cannot see any colour difference between the test prints using Original and Colorific. The coverage, colour and stability are superb. This as well as the 40-50% saving on the inks was a deal breaker”

Peter is now up and running with the printer, and in his own words “This printer is working fantastically, especially with the Colorific inks!”