Colorific Pro55U Inks

Colorific Pro55U inks are designed to be an easy mix and match conversion for the HP5000/5500 (uv) machine. A major advantage of these inks is the OEM colour match feature. Supplied in a 680ml cartridge Pro55U can be used as a single colour replacement, meaning you are not required to swap a set at a time saving you money from the word go!

 To make the Colorific grade the Pro55U inks have to go through intensive in house testing to make sure they are of an extremely high quality making the customers switch as simple and painless as it should.

Colorific Pro55U Inks are compatible with all HP55U printers that currently use OEM inks…

HP 5000/5500 (UV) series

HP printers not currently using OEM inks can be converted, but will need flushing. – Some other third party inks may not require flushing, if you wish to mix with another ink please ask before purchase.