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Colorific Pro SK (eco-sol)

Colorific Pro SK inks are designed to be an easy mix and match conversion for the Seiko Colorpainter 64s and 100s machines. A major advantage of these inks is the OEM colour match feature. Supplied in a 1000ml cartridge Pro SK can be used as a single colour replacement, can be used as a single colour replacement, that means you are not required to swap out a set. Saving you money from the word go.

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To make the Colorific grade, Pro SK inks go through intensive in house testing to ensure they are of a consistently high quality. This makes the switch to Pro SK simple and painless for users.

Colorific Pro SK inks are compatible with the following printers that currently use OEM inks:

Seiko 64s Colorpainter
Seiko 100s Colorpainter
Oce 6060 Series

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