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Texart CS-64 Heat Press

The Texart CS-64 calender is a professional heat transfer system that is fast, affordable and easy to use, making it a perfect finishing partner for the Texart RT-640 sublimation printer. Using its precision roller feed system and infra-red heat source, the CS-64 transfers dye sublimation prints from paper onto polyester-based materials, delivering flawless results every time. You can use the calender to fix the ink on direct to textile printed materials too.

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With average production speeds of 50 m²/hr and the option of an in-feed table, the CS-64 has the versatility to manage large rolls and small pre-cut fabrics. Making it the ideal finishing solution for a wide range of textile print applications including fashion, interior décor, sportswear, sign, display and promotional goods.  The CS-64 is simple to use. Its intuitive control panel can be mastered in seconds. Built-in safety features protect the operator from heat and harm at all times. Material loading and unloading couldn’t be easier, or any faster. There is no need to reach for a tool box. The CS-64 includes six self-locking mandrels for feeding and taking up media.  Built to meet the production demands of the busiest textile printing business and designed for ultimate ease of use, the Texart CS-64 will appeal to both seasoned professionals and companies new to the dye sublimation process.


• Belt driven dye sublimation heat transfer calender with infrared heating system
• Digital temperature display
• Heating time from room temperature to 200°C in under 30 minutes
• Long life Infrared bulb heating system
• 250mm diameter heating cylinder
• Maximum temperature 220°C
• Maximum working width 1680 mm
• Speed: ◦ Exposure time: 90s 17 m/h – 0.29m/per minute
◦ Exposure time: 40s 65 m/h – 1.08m/per minute
• Reverse operation
• Safety protection cover in front of roller with safety switches
• Reset button on control panel with two emergency stop buttons
• Exhaust fume extraction – 2 x 50mm diameter extraction ports to vacuum vapour produced during sublimation (Texart Ink produces very low vapour so extraction may not be needed)
• Number of self-locking mandrels included: 6 universal mandrels; 3 unwind; 3 rewind
• Product Warranty – One year Silver RolandCare Product Warranty
• Low power consumption
• Easy to use

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