Colorific Pro XXL Solvent Based inks

Colorific XXL Solvent inks are a  range of high density, highly durable solvent-based pigmented inks for Piezo drop on demand printhead technology. Using the best quality pigments and a unique dispersion technology, Colorific XXL Solvents inks provide a wide colour gamut multiplying the number of colours printable whilst simultaneously maximising the outdoor light-fastness for prints with a lasting impact. Colorific XXL Solvent  inks have been specifically designed for use with these printers to ensure compatibility and easy changeover. Colorific XXL Solvent  inks have been designed for a wide range of super wide format printers, utilising the following printhead technologies.

Compatible Printheads:

  • Xaar 128/126/Proton 35pl
  • Spectra Galaxy/Nova 128
  • Seiko 510 35pl
  • Konica Minolta 42pl print heads amongst others.
  • Please contact us for additional compatibility information.


  • Solvent-based technology
  • Fast drying
  • Bright vibrant colours
  • Suitable for uncoated materials
  • Recommended for both internal & external applications

Colour Range

  • Black – Light Black – Yellow – Light Yellow – Magenta – Light Magenta – Cyan – Light Cyan
  • Flushing and Cleaning Solvent
  • Available in 5 litre containers

Colorific XXL Solvent  inks are recommended for a wide range of uncoated materials

Display POP – Posters – Banners – Bus/Taxi Advertising –  Exhibition Graphics

Colorific XXL Solvent inks can be used to decorate a wide range of substrates such as:

Banner Grade PVC – PVC – Self-adhesive Vinyl – Mesh – Paper

Colorific XXL Solvent  inks have been formulated to meet the drying specification of a range of super wide format presses using solvent-based inks. The actual drying speed will depend on a number of factors. These include, ink thickness, substrate choice and the print speed, Colour and Outdoor Durability
The highest quality pigments have been chosen for their very wide colour gamut maximising the range of colours achievable. Accelerated weathering tests have been carried out in a Xenon Arc Weatherometer set to the SAEJ 1960 Standard. Under these conditions, the accelerated weathering of Colorific XXL Solvent inks equates to approximately 12 months outdoor exposure in a temperate climate such as the UK.

Chemical and Abrasion Resistance
Colorific XXL Solvent  inks have good chemical and abrasion resistance. However, for optimum resistance it is recommended to over-varnish or laminate prints to protect the surface from chemical attack.
Plastics Certain plastics may be impregnated with lubricants, which may impair adhesion and block resistance even a considerable period of time after printing. It is normal for Banner Grade PVC to be highly plasticised, which over time migrates to the surface significantly reducing the ink adhesion level. This problem can be overcome by wiping the surface with white spirit before printing.