Colorific Pro XXL UV Curing Inks

Colorific Pro XXL  UV inkjet inks are a range of high density, highly durable UV cur­able pigmented inks for Piezo drop on demand printhead technology. Using the best quality pigments and a unique dispersion technology Colorific Pro XXL produce the widest color gamut of any UV curable ink system, increasing the number of col­ours printable whilst simultaneously maximizing outdoor light-fastness for prints with a lasting impact.

Compatible Printers:

  • Agfa Anapurna M, XL2  , Agfa Jeti 5048, 1224, 3348, 3150, 2030, Nanojet,
  • Zund 215C, 250
  • Sun Neo UV LED Evolution
  • EFI Vutek: Press VU, QS2000
  • HP® XP2100, XP5100, Expedio, Inspiration, Revolution
  • Tempo Q
  • Nur Expedio 3200 & 5000
  • Durst Rho 160, 205, 600 & 800
  • Rasterprint® RP720UV,
  • DuPont Chromaprint 22UV
  • Dilli Neo Titan 1606
  • Neo Plus 2506 digital printers
  • Teckwin
  • Teckstorm
  • Gandy Digital


  • Fast UV cure for high production output
  • Excellent inter-coat lay down for backlit and solid prints
  • Wide adhesion range with no loss in flexibility to all media including polyethylene substrates
  • Ultra low print odor
  • Recommended for both internal & external applications
  • Bright vibrant colors
  • Suitable for uncoated materials

Ink Properties

  • Black – Yellow –  Magenta – Light Magenta – Cyan – Light Cyan – White
  • Flushing and Cleaning Solvent
  • Available in 5 Litre containers

Application Range: – Colorific Pro XXL are formulated to provide excellent adhe­sion to flexible materials giving superb output quality, even at high print speeds. These inks are suitable for a wide range of media such as flexface banners, mesh, blue-back or backlit paper, self-adhesive vinyl, flags and many more coated and uncoated media.

Main applications include: Posters, Banners, Bus/Taxi Advertising, Exhibition Graphics, Display POP

Colorific Pro XXL UV inks can be used to decorate a wide range of substrates such as:

Banner Grade PVC – Self-adhesive Vinyl – Mesh – Poster Paper – Polyethylene – Polypropylene

Color and Outdoor Durability: – The highest quality pigments have been chosen for their very wide color gamut maximizing the range of colors achievable. Accelerated weathering tests have been carried out in a Xenon Arc weatherometer set to the SAEJ 1960 standards. Under these conditions, for the Sign and Banner market, the accelerated weathering of Colorific Pro XXL inks equates to approximately 24 months outdoor exposure in a temper­ate climate such as North America and Northern Europe.